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TITLE Practical Applied Optometry (OEP 1949)
ABSTRACT: 1949 Treatise by A.M. Skeffington, OD. "Erroneous visual behavior is a distortion in the bodily co-ordinates which results in a distortion in the manipulation of visual space. To the initiate, who understand the concept of body co-ordinates and who consider vision as being essentially the manipulation of visual space, the above statement makes perfectly good sense. To the uninitiated, to whom the very idea of bodily co-ordinates is strange, even the first part is unintelligible."  Author(s): A.M. Skeffington, OD, D.O.S
Company: University of Missori - St Louis College of Optometry
Release Date: Unknown
CE Credits: 2
Price: FREE
CE Format: Online text/photos




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