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TITLE Central Serous Chorioretinopathy in Patients Taking Corticosteroids for Systemic Diseases
ABSTRACT: Central serous chorioretinopathy is a disease characterized by an idiopathicaccumulation of subretinal fluid within the posterior pole that results in a well-circumscribed, serous retinal detachment. Typically, it affects young-to-middle-aged men with unremarkable medical histories, who have type A personalities, and may have suffered a recent stressful event. In mostpatients, the disease revolves spontaneously within 6 months, but in 20% to30% of cases, it recurs and can be associated with permanent vision loss.Symptoms can include metamorphopsia, scotomata, and a moderatedecrease in visual acuity. The exact etiology for this disease is unknown. Itcan occur in patients with high levels of endogenous corticosteroids or inthose on corticosteroid therapy. We describe a case of central serous chorioretinopathy in a 70-year-old man being treated with prednisone forchronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After he discontinued steroids, 1year after onset of symptoms, his visual function improved.  Author(s): Clarissa D. Glover, OD; Nathan A. Whitaker, OD, FAAO
Company: Mediconcepts, Inc
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CE Credits: 1
Price: $20.00
CE Format: PDF
COPE ID: 9909-PS




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