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TITLE Pineal Tumors and Their Clinical Manifestations
ABSTRACT: Pineal tumors represent a small percentage of childhood tumors. Their initial clinical manifestations, however, are frequently ocular in nature. Tumors of the pineal glands, because of their location close to the gaze center and light reflex center of the mid-brain, result in neurological deficits of impaired upgaze loss of light reflex, preservation of near reflex, and convergence nystagmus, a condition known as Parinaudís syndrome. The prognosis for patients with pineal tumors depends largely on the type of tumor present. Non-germinous, trilateral retinoblastomas and pineoblastomas carry the worse prognosis. Germinous, low-grade astrocytomas and pineo-cytomas generally have a more favorable prognosis. Recognition of signs and symptoms of pineal tumors is important for the optometrist.  Author(s): Charles David Allgood, OD, FAAO
Company: Mediconcepts, Inc
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CE Credits: 1
Price: $20.00
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