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TITLE Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Keratoconus: New Thoughts and New Understandings
ABSTRACT: Keratoconus is a condition of obscure etiology that is characterized by a non-inflammatory thinning and steepening of the central and/or para-central cornea. The condition usually occurs in the second or third decade of life resulting in a moderate to marked decrease in visual acuity secondary to irregular astigmatism and corneal scarring. Keratoconus most often occurs bilaterally, however there is often asymmetry with one eye affected more than the other and generally the first eye to develop the condition has a more marked progression.  Author(s): Beth Kinoshita, OD; Jennifer Choo, OD; Patrick Caroline, COT, FAAO; Mark Andre, FAAO
Company: Pacific University
Expire Date:
CE Credits: 3
Price: $59.00
CE Format: Online text/photos
COPE ID: 15167-AS




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