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TITLE A Therapeutic Approach To Contact Lenses
ABSTRACT: Both contact lens wearers and non-lens wearers may experience such anterior segment disorders as blepharitis; meibomian gland disease; keratitis; allergic, bacterial and viral conjunctivitis; and dry eye. Although these disorders are not necessarily caused by contact lens wear, they can interfere with successful wear and possibly increase the number of contact lens dropouts. At the very least, they require patients to discontinue lens wear until the condition is treated. Any time a patient experiences discomfort, the clinician is obliged to discern the etiology. Here, we’ll discuss use of appropriate pharmaceuticals for treating these disorders.  Author(s): Kelly K. Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD
Company: Review of Optometry
Expire Date: 04/30/2008
CE Credits: 2
Price: $30.00
CE Format: Online text/photos
COPE ID: 19040-CL




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