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TITLE Effect of Preservatives in Chronic Ocular Therapy
ABSTRACT: Patients with glaucoma and/or dry eye disease often require frequent dosing of topical medications to control their oculardisease. Detergents (such as benzalkonium chloride) and oxidants such as stabilized oxychloro complex) are commonly used as preservatives in multidose ophthalmic medications. A literature review was performed to investigate the clinical implications of preservatives in ophthalmic medications that are used for chronic diseases such as glaucoma and/or dry eye disease. Animal histopathologic studies and a recent patient study found that ophthalmic medications with benzalkonium chloride, unlike infiltration of the conjunctiva. Ocular damage seemed to be correlated with the level of preservative. A recent rabbit study comparing benzalkonium chloride-preserved medication with stabilized oxychloro-preserved medication, found significantly less corneal damage in the group treated with the latter agent. The type and amount of ophthalmic preservative that patients eyes are exposed to should be taken into account when treating patients with chronic ocular conditions such as glaucoma and/or dry eye disease.  Author(s): Robert J. Noecker, MD; Lisa A. Herrygers, MD
Company: Mediconcepts, Inc
Release Date: Unknown
CE Credits: 1
Price: $20.00
CE Format: PDF




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