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TITLE Treating Dry Eye by Replicating All Three Layers of the Natural Tear Film with an Ophthalmic Gel
ABSTRACT: In this article, Dr. Raymond Stein presents a review of the biomechanics of dry eye and his experience with Liposic ophthalmic gel, as an effective dry-eye treatment regimen designed to replicate the natural tear film. Although artificial tear solutions should duplicate the composition of human tear fluid, many artificial tears do not adequately respond to disorders of the lipid phase (the most frequently encountered tear film deficiency). Liposic successfully replicates all three phases of the tear film, providing relief to dry-eye sufferers.  Author(s): Raymond M. Stein, MD, FRCSC
Company: Mediconcepts, Inc
Expire Date:
CE Credits: 1
Price: $20.00
CE Format: PDF
COPE ID: 12556-PH




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