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TITLE Personal Defense Sprays: Effects and Management of Ocular and Systemic Exposure
ABSTRACT: It's 4:30 on Friday afternoon and your receptionist tells you that a hysterical patient is on the phone. When you get the patient calmed down enough for intelligent communication, she tells you that her child was playing with a key ring and accidentally sprayed himself in the face with tear gas. The child is screaming and can't open his eyes. What do you do? Tell the mother to call 911 because this is a life or vision threatening emergency? Have her take the child to a hospital emergency room as fast as she can? Or should you tell her to perform some simple first aid measures at home and then bring the child in if symptoms persist? To answer these questions and to formulate management plans for spray exposure cases, an understanding of the composition of the various defense spray products and how they affect the body is required.  Author(s): Robert J. Lee, OD, MS; Robert L. Yolton, PhD, OD; Michael L. Janin, Sgt., Beaverton OR Police Department
Company: Pacific University
Expire Date:
CE Credits: 3
Price: $59.00
CE Format: Online text/photos
COPE ID: 13541-SD




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