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TITLE High Tech Glaucoma Devices Hasten Diagnosis
ABSTRACT: Noted glaucoma specialist Robert Weinreb, M.D., has stated: "Early detection is essential to the management of glaucoma because the earlier it's detected, the sooner treatment can be initiated, and the sooner you initiate treatment, the lower the risk of going blind from glaucoma."1 Knowledge gained in recent years as well as technological advances in retinal tomography, frequency doubling technology, SWAP perimetry and ocular blood flow analysis to name a few have enabled us to do this. We asked these O.D.s what technology enables them to diagnose glaucoma sooner and monitor for progression: * Elliot Kirstein, O.D., discusses the PASCAL dynamic contour tonometer, a new tonometer that uses a pressure sensor to gather IOP measurements without influence of corneal rigidity or thickness. * Andrew S. Gurwood, O.D., offers a different perspective, explaining why he believes Goldmann applanation tonometry remains the gold standard. * Evan Canellos, O.D., shows how new Glaucoma Progression Analysis software allows you to monitor for progression of visual field defects and to distinguish glaucomatous changes from field changes caused by cataract. * Sherry J. Bass, O.D., looks at an improvement to existing technology, discussing how the GDxVCC Variable Corneal Compensator uses birefringence to measure loss of retinal nerve fiber layer.  Author(s): Elliot M. Kirstein, OD; Andrew S. Gurwood, OD; Evan Canellos, OD; and Sherry J. Bass, OD
Company: Review of Optometry
Expire Date: 07/31/2005
CE Credits: 2
Price: $30.00
CE Format: Online text/photos




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